Our Services

The 3 Types of Cleaning are Basic, Maintenance, and Deep Cleaning!

Basic Cleaning / Focus Cleaning
This Includes:

Tidying up the house (putting things in their proper place, dusting, etc.)
 Or a Target Area that the client wants the cleaner to focus on

Maintenance Cleaning / Regular Cleaning
This Includes:

Vacuuming and Mopping floors
Tidying up the house (putting things in their proper place, dusting, etc.)
Cleaning bathrooms(toilet, bath, mirror, sink, etc.)
Cleaning the kitchen(wiping surfaces, outside the appliances, taking out trash, etc.)

Deep Cleaning (should be performed approximately every 6 months)
This Includes:
Removal of Build Up and Soap Scum( from shower heads, taps, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, etc.)
Deep and Complete dusting (baseboards and doors in all rooms)
Washing your Home’s Interior Windows
Cleaning Patio Doors and Frames
Cleaning Interior of the Oven and Glass Door
Cleaning behind Appliance (the Oven, Washing Machine, to cut through the grime that often builds up)


Decluttering and Closet Organizing can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Let us do the hard work for you! You will feel great to find things easier and discard all unnecessary stuff in your closets.


As exciting as it is to buy a New Property, the idea of packing and moving can stress out even the calmest person. At Modern Style Decor Inc we offer; packing, storage, and moving services so you can fully enjoy all the excitement about your new property and remove that stress of your life. Our staff has years of experience in packing and moving and will carefully handle all your belongings so they can be moved safely.


Give your Home or Business a new and refreshing look! Colour schemes and Decor often go out of style, but you can make a space feel completely new once they are redesigned. We have the expertise that you’re looking for, to give that fresh and new look to any space. We are always learning and keeping up-to-date on newest Decor trends of Interior Decorating. We can transform any space into a warm, welcoming, and modern place where your guests will love to spend more time. We also offer home staging services. It is proven, a home staged house sells faster! You will find that your house will be more appealing and on the market for a short period than the comparable!


Finding Support for your Home needs can become quite stressful, Reach out to Modern Style Decor Inc. and we will get the right person for the job. Our Delivery Service, includes, but is not limited to, Packages, Furniture & Appliances, Dry Cleaning and so much more.


Do you have a leaky faucet or a door nob that needs tightening? A crib to be assembled? Look no further, our Handyman Service takes care of a variety of small and odd jobs. Our handyman service isn’t what your looking for? Check out our concierge service and our highly skilled team will find the perfect contractor or subcontractor for you.